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Sampa’s Pizza


Welcome to Sampa’s, the place where Sao Paulo’s pizza scene comes alive! Known as the second largest pizza-consuming city worldwide, right after NYC, Sao Paulo has a deep-rooted pizza history infused with Italian influences. Think mouthwatering pizzas with a creative variety of toppings and the finest fresh ingredients. Here at Sampa’s, we embrace this pizza heritage by bringing together the best styles from Brazil, Italy, and the USA.

Our mission? To serve up fresh, imaginative pizzas that satisfy the cravings of fellow pizza enthusiasts like yourself! As they say in Sao Paulo, “everything ends in pizza” – it’s practically the go-to for agreements and celebrations! So why wait? Come and experience the one-of-a-kind Sampa’s vibe today! Swing by our cozy dining areas, grab some takeout, or let us deliver piping hot pizzas straight to your door.

Get ready for a pizza adventure that’ll leave you craving more. See you at Sampa’s!