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Sampa’s Pizza


The name Sampa’s emerged from Chef Marcus Roberto’s Brazilian origins. Sampa’s is the nickname for Sao Paulo, Brazil, which is the second largest pizza consuming city in the World, just under NYC.  Sao Paulo’s pizza history is deeply rooted with Italian influences as a result of being home to one of the largest number of Italian immigrants in the World. Famous for their creative variety of toppings and using the finest fresh ingredients.

Here at Sampa’s, we represent the rich heritage of pizza with recipes fusing together the different styles of some of the most influential pizza countries: Brazil, Italy and USA. Our goal is to provide fresh, creative pizzas for the enjoyment of all like-minded pizza lovers!  As the expression goes in Sao Paulo, “everything ends in pizza.”  Meaning that most agreements and celebrations include pizza. So come join us for the one-of-a-kind Sampa’s experience today!  Eat in our dining areas, order for takeout or we will deliver pizza to you.